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The question you should be asking yourself is what don’t we do? We are the perfect marketing partner for eCommerce brands, offering a fully managed email and SMS solution; creating retention marketing campaigns & automations that drive engagement, conversations, and most importantly dolla dolla bills y’all $$$


Why Hodgepodge?

Consumer-first approach: Our mission is to put people first. We want to understand your customer. What do they like? What do they respond to? Why do they convert? We’ll put focus on answering these questions first to develop clear and efficient strategies.

Dynamic marketing strategy: You won’t find cookie-cutter marketing plans here. Your strategy changes quarterly based on your goals, performance data and untapped opportunities.

Creative expertise: It’s all in the name. When it comes to creative, we’ve seen it all. Our decades of ‘Hodgepodge’ experience has equipped us with the knowledge and skill to be able to execute beautiful campaigns that both fit seamlessly into your brand guidelines, and follow best practices to ensure tip-top performance and a cohesive consumer journey.

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What They Say.

Bob Loblaw (If you get this reference there’s no question we should partner).

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The ying to your yang. The peanut butter to your jelly. The champagne to your brunch. Whether you are a one-person start-up or have an in-house marketing team, we'll complement each other like no other.

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Adriana Falcon

Founder & CCO

Adriana (aka Nana) has nearly 15 years of experience in the creative marketing industry. With expertise in guiding strategy, production, and execution, she’s done it all! Her love of email marketing grew out of the love of the consumer. The desire to master the art of “how to make your customer feel welcome” fuels her to create campaigns and flows that do just that.

When she’s not lost in a design file or marketing calendar, you can find her in her garden, out at brunch, riding her Ruckus scooter around town, or grading her students’ design projects at Chapman University.


Emily Hayes

Graphic Designer & Creative Strategist

Emily is a recent graduate of Chapman University with a degree in Business Administration. After minoring in graphic design, Emily’s studies helped her discover her love for strategic and design-centric marketing.

Emily is currently pursuing her MBA at Chapman and playing her fifth (and final) year of collegiate softball. She loves journaling and spending time with her loved ones when she’s away from school, her laptop, and the softball field.

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Here at Hodgepodge, we like to keep a tight community. We understand that there are a ton of moving parts when running a business, so consider this your [almost] one-stop shop to help you keep things running smoothly. We recommend only the best of the best!

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